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Porta Superia is a derivative of the Latin name of the Brussels Gate in Mechelen, the Porta Superio, or the oldest and most important gateway to the city, which is located close to Porta Superia B&B.

And since we are also a bit of a gateway to the city, the name was quickly chosen.

It was a friend who put us on the track to make this name sound better. Porta Superia was born

We have been receiving our guests for more than 5 years and try to pamper them as much as possible.

Often praised for the perfect service, elegantly furnished rooms and lively atmosphere, we invite you to enjoy all the comfort, luxury and technological gadgets.

“Why don't you make it SUPERIA? she said and everything fell into place ”



The beginning

A dream?

What started as a dream in our heads grew into something we could never believe in our wildest dreams….

Porta Superia B&B Mechelen was born.

The plan was started to be able to receive guests luxuriously in our home at the time and to pamper them in 2 luxurious guest rooms.

Plans were drawn and redrawn, 5 years of renovation with heart and soul, until ……

Oat yard Porta Superia Mechelen


Our opening

We had known for quite some time that quality and experience would be central to us and at the end of 2015 we finally opened with great pleasure and our beloved Porta Superia was put on the map….

Our passion? 

Live your life to the maximum, take care of each other and discover the world.

Traveling not only takes us to the most beautiful places, but it also inspires us how to receive our guests.

This of course did not go unnoticed by our guests and soon we grew too big…. and the search for larger premises began.


A new beginning

After a long search, we finally took the plunge and moved from our old to our new location in mid-2020.

And what kind of one ...

A stately and elegant Art Deco mansion with garden.

Here we offer 5 luxurious rooms and we have the possibility to receive large groups, families and teams.

Tailor-made events with or without catering

And just having even more fun pampering our numerous guests….

We are looking forward to it 😀

Facade Porta Superia







Michael & Kurt

"2 cheerful Burgundians who are eager to pamper you"


Experience, conviviality, authenticity and quality, and this in an ecological framework.

These are just 4 of the many characteristics that we attach incredible importance to.

We are fully going for one authentic experience.

Experience Mechelen around and especially in our B&B in a sustainable way.

That is why we always choose high quality and local products.

You will notice that in us delicious bed linen, the minibar, the personal organic fresh homemade breakfast and to the overall interior.

With our concept we want to demonstrate that ecology, entrepreneurship and comfort can go hand in hand:

  1. our full energy needs are covered by our solar panels and what we don't use is stored in batteries for the evening.
  2. well post-insulated house with a low energy requirement.
  3. green roofs to promote biodiversity, isolate and delay water delivery.
  4. 65 % water saving through our unique shower infrastructure based on NASA technology.
  5. use of 100% natural vegan care products.
  6. heat pumps to warm up and sustainably heated water.
  7. waste separation and use of sustainable reusable packaging.
  8. chickens that us Processing organic waste locally and lay delicious organic eggs
  9. use of ecological and biodegradable cleaning and washing products.
  10. We use our large rainwater well for watering our garden.
  11. Already our lighting is 100% LED
  12. Each room has a separate temperature setting for heating or cooling and a general night reduction is set by default at night. Guests can of course ask to deviate from this if necessary. 
  13. We also use 100% green power from ECOPOWER

Let us work together for a better and greener future!

Porta Superia is proud owner of a Green Key since 2022, this is an international sustainability label for the tourism and recreation industry.

The label rewards operators who have a ambitious sustainability policy feed.

They make efforts in the field of environmental management, such as saving water and energy, but also in the field of environmental education for staff and guests.

In this way, the environmental impact of your stay or visit is limited.

Would you like to read our full commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR policy statement)? Then you can do this here to look at.

Curious about our energetic and CO2 footprint? Check it out here our numbers.

Michael, Kurt and Kleintje

"You don't have to want to do everything perfectly, many small imperfect actions are still better than doing nothing"

green key logo



Don't believe us!

Cozy B&B within walking distance of Mechelen station. Grandiose old house that has been restored in a fantastic way by the owners. Spacious air-conditioned rooms with excellent comfort. Wonderful hosts.


Tastefully decorated b & b, super welcome and delicious breakfast! Everything on and on for a great price. A big advantage is that everything is within walking distance. 5 minutes to the station, 15 minutes to the center. We will definitely be back!