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Porta Superia: The Gateway to Mechelen and Your Unforgettable Stay

The name Porta Superia is more than a name. It is a symbol of our mission to be a gateway to the city of Mechelen to be for our guests.

Located near the Porta Superio, the oldest and main gateway to the city, we hope to inspire you to explore the city and enjoy all its beauty.

The name is a tribute to the rich history of Mechelen, and at the same time a promise to give you one modern and comfortable experience to offer. We combine elegant rooms of modern technology and impeccable service to guarantee you an unforgettable stay.

The name Porta Superia was not chosen by chance.

It was a friend who inspired us to get the Latin name for the Brussels Gate

to transform into a name that sounds like a promise.

And we keep that promise: we have been receiving ours for more than 9 years

guests with warmth and attention. We are therefore extremely proud of the rave reviews that we receive time and time again from our guests.

Porta Superia is more than a B&B. It's a place where you can relax, unwind and enjoy. We cordially invite you to experience our hospitality and discover the magic of Mechelen.

"Why don't you make it SUPERIA? she said and everything fell into place"



From Dream to Reality:

Porta Superia B&B Mechelen

It started with a dream. A dream that raged deep in our hearts, a desire to create something unique. What started as a vague sketch on a napkin quickly grew into a concrete vision: Porta Superia Boutique B&B Mechelen.

We knew it wouldn't be an easy journey. Transforming our then house into a luxurious oasis for guests was a big task. But with determination and passion we took up the challenge.

For five years was renovated with heart and soul. We

drew and redrew, looked at every detail with the greatest precision, and were guided by our passion for perfection.

The result? A pearl of a B&B, where guests feel at home and where they can enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Every stone, every marble, every detail bears our stamp.

And in 2015, after all those years of dedication, the dream finally became a reality.


Porta Superia B&B is more than just a place to sleep.

Porta Superia B&B Mechelen is one oasis of peace and comfort.

It is a dream come true, a place where guests can relax, dream, create new memories and enjoy the beautiful UNESCO city of Mechelen

We cordially invite you to come and live our dream.

Come visit Porta Superia B&B Mechelen and be surprised by our unique hospitality, our beautiful rooms and the magical atmosphere and charm of our B&B.

Passion for Life,

Travel and Hospitality

Our passion? Living life to the fullest!

We believe in cherishing precious moments, caring for each other and discovering the beauty the world has to offer. Traveling not only takes us to breathtaking destinations, but also inspires us to welcome our guests with the same passion.

We aim to create a home away from home, a place where guests can relax and feel loved and appreciated. The warmth of our hospitality, combined with our eye for detail, ensures an unforgettable experience.

Our passion for hospitality did not go unnoticed. Soon we had more and more guests and our then building became too small. The search for a larger property began, with the aim of realizing our dream of an ultimate B&B experience.

All our passions flow together in Porta Superia Boutique B&B Mechelen. Here we combine our love for travel, our passion for hospitality and our dedication to creating a unique and unforgettable experience for our guests.








Kurt and Michael

The driving force behind Porta Superia

As proud owners of Porta Superia Boutique B&B, we are more than hosts. We are 2 passionately driven men who have put their heart and soul into their B&B.

Michael, with his eye for detail and perfectionism, ensures that every room looks immaculate. He is the silent force behind the scenes, always ready to help where necessary.

Kurt, on the other hand, is the charming host who welcomes the guests with his warmth and enthusiasm. He knows the city of Mechelen inside and out and is happy to share his tips and favorites with the guests.

Together we form a perfect duo. We complement each other and strive to every guest an unforgettable experience To deliver.

Our passion for hospitality, our dedication to quality and our warm personality make Porta Superia Boutique B&B a unique place.


Green fingers, happy vibes: Sustainable chilling at Porta Superia

At Porta Superia B&B we love our planet. We are very proud of our green fingers and our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint.

We are not boring types who preach about ecology. No, we believe in sustainability with a smile. We believe that it is best to enjoy all the beauty the world has to offer without exhausting the planet.

So how do we do that?

  • We use green energy. The sun shines on our solar panels and the wind almost blows through our wind turbines. This makes us almost completely self-sufficient in energy!
  • We save water. We have water-saving taps and showers, and we use rainwater to water our plants. Our showers are even unique in Flanders because they are equipped with NASA technology and are water efficient up to 65%
  • We recycle and compost as if our lives depend on it (and they do!). We separate our waste and compost our kitchen scraps. In this way we ensure that as little waste as possible goes to the incinerator.
  • We use local products.We buy our products as much as possible from local farmers and suppliers. In this way we support the local economy and reduce our CO2 footprint.

We are convinced that little bits can make a big difference. And we hope that we can inspire our guests to also take small steps towards a more sustainable world.

So come visit Porta Superia Boutique B&B and enjoy a wonderful stay with a clear conscience!

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"You shouldn't want to do everything perfectly, many small imperfect actions are still better than doing nothing"

green key logo


Porta Superia Boutique B&B is proud to say holder of a Green Key to call. This quality mark is an independent recognition of our efforts in the field of sustainability.

Why are we so proud of our Green Key?

  • Because we prove it luxury and comfort go hand in hand with ecological responsibility.
  • Because we want to inspire our guests to more conscious choices to make.
  • Because we want to contribute to a sustainable environment together with our guests better future.

A Green Key means that we:

  • Strict criteria in the areas of energy, water, waste and purchasing comply.
  • Continuously looking for new ways to reduce our ecological footprint.
  • Inform our guests about our sustainable efforts.

So are you looking for a comfortable and sustainable overnight stay in Mechelen? Then choose Porta Superia Boutique B&B!

Did you know that you can pay for your entire stay with electronic ecocheques?

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Would you like to read our full commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR policy statement)? Then you can do this here to look at.

Curious about our energetic and CO2 footprint? Check it out here our numbers.


Don't believe us!

Cozy B&B within walking distance of Mechelen station. Grandiose old house that has been restored in a fantastic way by the owners. Spacious air-conditioned rooms with excellent comfort. Wonderful hosts.


Tastefully decorated b & b, super welcome and delicious breakfast! Everything on and on for a great price. A big advantage is that everything is within walking distance. 5 minutes to the station, 15 minutes to the center. We will definitely be back!