• Check-in & check-out : We will check you in with appropriate precautions and explain our full protocol once again.
  • Adequate distance in Porta Superia : we only have 5 rooms. So it is not difficult to guarantee the 1.5 m distance at all times. Wearing the mouth mask is also mandatory in our general parts.
  • Ventilation : each room has its own ventilation system that is not connected to each other. The air in the rooms is refreshed completely automatically every 3 hours.
  • Hygiene in the B&B : We guarantee regular disinfection of exposed surfaces such as door handles and handrails with antibacterial liquids. The sanitary facilities in your room are cleaned with extra care and disinfectants. After departure, each room is carefully cleaned, disinfected, permanently ventilated and if possible non-rented for 24 hours. If you are staying more than one night, your room will not be cleaned for your and our safety. You can always ask for extra clean towels or other supplies for your room. There are also dispensers with disinfecting hand gel on every floor.
  • Measures at breakfast / dinner : Breakfast will be delivered to your room (100% social distancing). You have your own dining table in the room that is turned on romantically. For your dinner you can opt for delivery or take-away, in your own room where you can spend the evening cozy and full of romance. A combi oven is at your disposal to heat your meal extra if necessary.
  • Keep an eye on! The Belgian government is asking that prospective guests who have symptoms suggestive of COVID-19, or who have been in contact with a person with COVOD-19 or with symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to their planned stay, should postpone stay.

We all contribute 

to stop this virus!

Mouth mask duty in the city center

In the commercial streets of the city center, people are asked to wear the mouth mask.

You can also consult a busy barometer on the website of to see how busy it is in the city center.

In our street you do not have to wear a mouth mask, but it is of course recommended.

Mouth Mask Duty Mechelen



We take all the rules into account when it comes to preparing your breakfast! both according to the rules of the FASFC (Federal Agency for Food Safety) and according to the additional COVID-19 measures.

Everything is neatly covered and brought to your room!