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At Porta Superia Boutique B&B you can do both!

Want to laze around or go out in Mechelen?

Want to sleep in a super comfy bed? Check!

Extensive breakfast, check!

Comfortable room, check!

On an adventure in the beautiful city of Mechelen? Check!

And then... the choice is yours:

Relax in our cozy B&B:

In the lounge corner with a book in the sun-drenched garden

Bubble in the garden or art-deco chill room with a cool glass of cava and some jazzy music in the background

Netflix marathon on your super-large screen in the room

Or out and about in Mechelen:

Explore the city with a city walk or bike tour.

Cycling or walking along the beautiful Dyle

Visit St. Rumbold's Cathedral and admire the Mechelen carillons and breathtaking views

Shopping in the charming shopping streets

Enjoy a delicious dinner on one of the cozy terraces

Discover Mechelen's museums, such as the Hof van Busleyden or the Toy Museum.

Looking for even more inspiration?

You will find many more fun activities on the Visit Mechelen website! Or follow us on Instagram.

Are you coming to relax or go on an adventure in Mechelen soon?

Book your stay at Porta Superia Boutique B&B now!

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Mechelen: where history comes alive!

Forget boring museums and dusty exhibitions, in Mechelen you can experience history in one super fun way.

During the 15th and 16th centuries, Mechelen was the place to be. Margaret of Austria, a real power lady, ruled the Netherlands here. And you still see that!

Beautiful buildings, unique museums and exciting stories waiting for you.


  • The St. Rumbold's Tower: climb the tower and enjoy a amazing view about the city.
  • Museum Hof van Busleyden: dive into the world of Margaretha of Austria and her fabulous court.
  • Barracks Dossin: a moving place where the history of WWII comes to life.
  • Palace of Margaret of Austria: step in this one's footsteps powerful woman.
  • Great Beguinage: an oasis of peace in the middle of the city.
  • 8 Historical churches: admire the beautiful architecture and works of art.
  • Winter garden Ursulines: enjoy the tropical atmosphere in this unique garden.
  • Dyle path: make a relaxing walk along the river.
  • The Art Hour: you can do it every first Sunday of the month free admire art in various studios.

And that is not all! Download our Burgundian walk "In the footsteps of Margareta" or the 8 Historical churches route.

On the website of Visit Mechelen you will find much more inspiration.

Tip: combine your cultural trip with a wonderful stay at Porta Superia Boutique B&B.

We are happy to recommend you the nicest restaurants, bars and cafes in the city.

Mechelen: where history, culture and fun come together!

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Mechelen: Burgundian enjoyment, then and now!

Mechelen, once the capital of the Burgundian Netherlands.

And that Burgundian lifestyle? It's still ingrained! Witness this delicious restaurants that you will find in our city.

From budget-proof to star business, by hip hotspots to cozy classics, there is something for everyone.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just relax in a café: the choice is huge!

Some of our favorite tips:

Breakfast / Lunch:


Meat hall


Bar Bib



Cafes/Wine Bar

The Golden Fish



Beer Central Mechelen

These are just a few of the many nice dining options in Mechelen.

Come and taste for yourself and discover why Mechelen is a true paradise for gourmets!

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Shop till you drop in Mechelen!

Mechelen is a paradise for shoppers, from trendy boutiques to well-known brands.

Forget the boring shopping streets, you will find in Mechelen unique pearls and surprising bargains.

Dive into the vibrant atmosphere of the city and be seduced by:

  • The hip vibes from the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwestraat with trendy boutiques.
  • The authentic crafts of the many small specialty shops.
  • The well-known brands in the Bruul and IjzerenLeen
  • The cozy atmosphere on the market.

Shopping in Mechelen is more than️:

  • Discover the hidden gems during a nice city walk.
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch in one of the many restaurants.
  • Taste the local delicacies on the market.

In short, a day of shopping in Mechelen is an unforgettable experience!

Find all shopping routes via the app Visit Mechelen

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Tip: Please feel free to ask us personal tips. We know the nicest addresses and are happy to help you put one together perfect day. And more information about shopping is here to find.

Shopping trip with your BFFs? Mechelen is your catwalk!

Forget boring city trips, Mechelen is the place to be for one trendy shopping day with your besties.

This ultimate shopping route, tipped by real people from Mechelen, guides you along the nicest boutiques and hidden pearls.

Stroll with your girls squad through the pleasant streets and score the latest fashion finds. From vintage treasures to trendy must-haves, Mechelen has it all!

In between shopping you enjoy one delicious lunch in a trendy hotspot or settle down on a terrace for one refreshing cocktail.

With your shopping bags full and you end the day feeling satisfied in a cozy bar or restaurant.

Cheers on your successful shopping adventure!

Download the route here !

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Nature lover? Mechelen is your Valhalla!

Put on your walking shoes and explore the beautiful nature around Mechelen.

From idyllic forests to vast fields, Mechelen and its surroundings offer something for every nature lover.

Looking for a brisk walk?

In the Vrijbroekpark, just around the corner from our B&B, you can enjoy yourself on different routes. Or how about a trip along the Dijle or through the Mechelen heath?

Would you prefer a relaxing walk?

The city's courtyards offer an oasis of peace. And don't forget the beautiful rose garden!

After a day full of fresh air, enjoy a well-deserved rest in our comfortable B&B. Relax in our beautiful rooms and enjoy a delicious breakfast.

Book your stay now and discover the beauty of Mechelen!

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Tip: Download the free walking routes from Visit Mechelen and be guided through the most beautiful places in the city and surroundings.

  1. Walk Mechels Broek
  2. Hike Hombeek plateau
  3. Walk Den Battelaer

We have more hiking brochures on site that you can take with you.

Cycling enthusiast? Kick your luck at Porta Superia!

Are you an avid cyclist who never sits still for a moment?

Then you have come to the right place at Porta Superia B&B!

Storage for your trusty two-wheeler is provided,

and several cycling routes pass nearby.

No bicycle? No worries!

Just rent one of our 3 bicycles and explore the beautiful surroundings.

The rounds of Mechelen will lead you along the most beautiful places in the region.

Nature and culture, fields and forests, village centers and rural areas: variety is key!

Choose whether you want to take a short ride or a real day trip.

Cozy cafes and restaurants beckon along the way. Want to catch your breath and enjoy all the goodies the region has to offer? That's certainly possible!

Are you going out all day?

We are happy to provide you with a healthy packed lunch for €10.

You can download the cycling maps with the routes for free.

Tour of Mechelen-Lier

Tour of Mechelen-Leuven

Tour of Mechelen-Boom

You can find more cycling routes around Mechelen at Visit Mechelen or on Cycle route

In short, Porta Superia is the perfect base for an unforgettable cycling holiday in Mechelen!

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