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Sometimes you just want to relax.

But sometimes you prefer to look for some action!

In that case, you will certainly enjoy yourself in and around Mechelen, we have already made a selection of some activities around.

You can explore the river landscape and surroundings by bike or on foot and climb until your calves hurt on the St. Rumbold's Tower. But it doesn't have to stop there...

Extra tip: on the website of Visit Mechelen you will find many more fun activities.


Mechelen and the surrounding region have a number of very beautiful nature reserves where you can walk or spot birds to your heart's content. In the city itself we find several inner gardens and real parks, of which the Vrijbroekpark, just around the corner, is the largest.

You can download several beautiful walking routes from the website of Visit Mechelen.

You can easily undertake all these walks from our B&B.

Below you will find our selection that you can also download here:

  1. Walk Mechels Broek
  2. Hike Hombeek plateau
  3. Walk Den Battelaer

We have more hiking brochures on site that you can take with you.


Do you like cycling? Just bring your steel steed with you when you spend the night at Porta Superia B&B!

A bicycle shed is provided and various cycling routes pass along the B&B, including the rounds of Mechelen. 

Did you not bring a bicycle? Then you can easily rent one of our 6 bicycles from us.

These rounds start from Mechelen and show the most beautiful places in the area and the surrounding border municipalities and cities. They meander between nature and culture, fields and forest, village centers and rural areas… variety is the key!

You can cycle the cycle loops for a part or for a longer tour.

Along the routes are cozy cafes and restaurants to catch your breath and enjoy all the goodies that the region has to offer.

Do you go out all day? You're right! We are happy to provide you with a healthy packed lunch (€ 10) so that you can fully enjoy your bike ride. The cycling maps with the cycling loops can be downloaded for free below.

  1. Tour of Mechelen-Lier
  2. Tour of Mechelen-Leuven
  3. Tour of Mechelen-Boom

You can find more cycling routes around Mechelen at Visit Mechelen or on Cycle route